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Crane Scale 730

Using high quality large scale integrated circuit, ensure excellent measurement performance and stability for a long time.
hanging weight scale has accumulated, delete, query, keep, division value switching, unit switch, automatic shutdown, automatic battery monitoring function.
  • OCS-730
  • YUBO
  • -20~+80
  • IP54
  • <10s
  • 8~10m
  • 150%F.S.
  • 3vDC
  • <85%
  • Crane Scale
  • 220V/50HZ
  • LED Display
  • 0.5t, 2t
  • 0.2kg
  • Red or Green LED


1). Aluminium magnesium alloy, accurate die casting of the shell, light, portable, dust prevention and anti-magnetism

2). 360°rotation of shackle, low voltage reminder and stable indicator light reminder

3). Back splint design of fast-loading battery, replace the battery more easily

4). Display screen: ultra-high brightness digital tube 25mm and 5 digits red/green LED display

5) Switching unit of measurement

6) hanging weight scale  Capacity: 0.5t,1t,1.5t,2t

Technical parameters:

Class of accuracy GB/T11883-2002electronic crane scalesâ…˘
Tare range maximum capacity 100%
Zero range maximum capacity ±20%
Stable time 10 sec
Overload alarm maximum capacity 100%+9 grdn
Max safety load maximum capacity 150%
Battery specification 6V/4Ah lead-acid battery
Charge AC220V input, DC1.2V500mA output
Operation temperature -10°C~+40°C
Display screen ultra-high brightness digital tube 25mm and 5 digits red/green LED display
Remote control interface 4 key remote control

Structure detailes:


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