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Explosion-proof Intrinsically Safe Indicator

  • EO833
  • YUBO
  • stainless steel housing
  • LCD Display
  • Blue


1.Instinct safe indicator 

2.The charge mode is same as mobile phone’s. You can either charge when it is a complete machine, or remove the instinct safe battery pack, and let the battery pack charge separately."

3.Charging port are taken to special treatment, 

even though the port be exposed, or short circuit happened, there is no risk at all.

4.AC and DC can exist at the same time. Avoid the traditional defect that when use AC,

instinct safe battery pack must be removed, and when use DC, AC must be removed.

5.With simple correction, animal weighing function 

6.Low power consumption, long standby time(72 hours after full charge) 

7.E0833 is LCD display with backlighting, it’s function is more powerful.

8.Explosion-proof sign: ExibIICT4//T5 

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