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Truck Scale SM

  • SM
  • YUBO
  • Truck Scale
  • 220V/50HZ
  • LED Display
  • 10-180T
  • 5kg-20kg

Semi mobile truck scale

Semi mobile, with bottom frame, easy for moving.

Made with U-shape beams, reasonable structure with economic cost and high rigidity.

By carbon dioxide protecting continually welding, the welding is completely sealed and anticorrosive.

The assembly and installation is simple and fast.

The position of mounting load cell and multi-platform scale body jointing is designed properly and ingenious. Installation and maintenance is extremely convenient.

The above reasonable arrangement on the structure ensures the accuracy of the scale and the long reliability of the precision of the scale.


Width series: 3m

Length series: 4m, 5m, 6m,7m,8m,9m, 12m, 14m, 16m, 18m

Accuracy grade: III class                 

Max. Cap.: 10t~150t.


Various camions weighing and measurement, accurate and quick in measuring, convenient in operation and simple in maintenance.

Other description:

It is provide with simulant and digital modes in electronic components

1.Printer, scoreboard etc. is optional.

2.Pit and pitless foundation installation modes, Pitless foundation is highly recommended.

3.Many explosion proof types are selectable.

4.OEM, ODM provided.

The whole design process uses computer aided design, and adopts the most advanced analyzing software in strength and structural design.

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YUBO is a well-known comprehensive scale manufacturer,There are abundant product varieties, with high ratio between the prices and the quality. 


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